Saturday, July 4, 2009

Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club

I love Molly Ringwald and her teen 80's flicks. The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, and I thought she and Robert Downey Jr. were the perfect couple in The Pick-Up Artist. My cousin who lives in Sydney is the one who introduced me to all her movies and she used to teased me about it. After commenting a few times that Molly always reminded her of me, especially in Pretty in Pink, as we both love making clothes, her curly short bob were like mine when I was small. That aside, I found out that we are pretty moody characters, she in her movies, me in real life. Again, That aside, I thought I'll introduce you to some of the greatest teen flicks of all time. Let's start with The Breakfast Club, a group of five students who had to spend detention together in small classroom and guess what, the whole film is mostly set in the detention room.

John, Andrew, Allison, Clair and Brian, all wondering and thinking what in the alien world do I deserve to be in detention...stuck with all these people! and yet...each has something that they can relate to each other.

What's so ironically fun to watch is that all of them each represent a different stereotype of teens, from the spoilt Claire played by Molly Ringwald, to the geeky Brian played by Anthony Michael Hall who teamed up again with her in Sixteen Candles (and reportedly dated when they filmed together!) Then there's the strange Allison, grungy and slightly mentally disturbed who has a therapist. John, the naughty kid who endears his father's physical abuse and of course it would not be complete without the popular sporty Andrew. Unlikely to be friends outside of detention, they all somehow bond and tells their story, with often hilarious upbeat scenes. The classic teen film of 1985 that made all of them the brat-pack nickname.

The princess of the group, she started off being a very spoilt and arrogant character, who later humbled herself and won the audience.

Aside from the classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off, I think Molly did a pretty awesome job cementing herself as the teen actress in her time with Matthew Broderick as the all time teen actor sensation. Don't you think so?

This is Molly in Pretty in Pink, she is not as wealthy as most of her peers in school and makes her own clothes. She falls for the most popular guy in school, a rich boy who is pressured to be in the same 'rich' group as everyone else. He falls for Andie played by Molly but in doing so he failed to withstand the peer pressure and at one turning point left her. She took it hard and...well you just have to watch the film to find out what happens, don't worry, it's a happy!

Anyway if you have not watched any of the films mentioned above, you are missing a huge chunk of your teen years, so to make it all up, do rent them and make sure you are watching them with a bucket full of popcorn! caramel flavor..yum.


lady jicky said...

I liked Molly Ringwald in Betsy's Wedding .
I do like Robert Downey Jnr in the great chick flick called "only You"

Anonymous said...

Love Molly as well, it was only recently that I got to watched her movie. Pretty in pink was one the 3 dvd's compiled together with flashdance and footloose. I remembered having second thoughts of buying it cause I'm not really into pink and not sure if I'm gonna like it. To cut it short pretty in pink ended up my favorite movie in that compilation. And few days later I bought the John Hughes high school movie compilation that includes two of Molly's film - 16 candles and breakfast club. By the way your solo photo of Molly wearing pink with a clutch bag was from the movie 16 candles not pretty in pink.

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