Tuesday, February 24, 2009

best breakfast and worst lunch

You have no idea how much walking I've done this past 4 days that I think I have temporarily dislocated my pelvis joint or some other parts around my leg and thigh joints...anyway it's also good because I don't feel guilty about eating all the sweet stuff...I usually do. So decided to try one of their famed freshly baked croissant at Patisserie Valerie (as it says in the travel guide) at 10 30am today on Old Crompton Street, near Soho and Chinatown. It was probably the best and freshest sweet croissant I've had and the hot chocolate was awesome too, sweet and spicy at the same time. The hazelnut croissant had the haz paste in them and every bite was DIVINE...I seriously took my time eating it..while carefully sipping the hot chocolate while I'm at it.

Lunch however was bad, I was craving for Japanese hot rice and went to Tokyo Diner, the travel guide recommended it but not only it was too expensive for 9.50 but it taste like (*&^^£%$ although I took pretty enticing picture ey?

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