Saturday, February 28, 2009

Boulevard St-Germain: an eclectic mix

My feet could not wait to walk the streets of Paris after arriving the morning prior. So we decided to explore St-Germain. Actually I wanted to see the Lourve gardens and Champs-Elysees but the chic eclectic boutiques along Blvd St-Germain lured me to walked back from the Lourve. There are so many artistic or artisan shops along the small alleys of St-Germain; antique mirror shop with probaly a thousand mirrors, small high-end couturiers with amazing dresses, countless boulangeries (there are so many and each one of them is enticing!) and of course you also get the over-expensive mediocre shops targeted for tourists...but overall...I love St-Germain. They say that the left bank is for the artists and right bank for the boring bankers and such...oh well I have yet to explore more tomorrow...It's Free Sunday at the Louvre!

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Jackie said...

so Em, your wish finally came true. I m thrill for you..its between Melbourne and Paris afterall..but anyway, take your time. do find a church Em. all d best, Gbu.