Wednesday, February 18, 2009

packing and unpacking

Je m'appelle Emmelyn! Je vais a Paris pour 90 jours!!!!

Yes that's right, I finally convinced my ever-so-protective parents to let me go, like a tightrope being pulled so hard and at last it frees itself (a bit dramatic and scary really but that's how I think I feel at the moment). The mood at home is a somber one, my relationship with dad is more is like a parched skin healing itself, with mom... let's just say everything is left at the surface, any deeper than that we are left emotionless. But that's ok for now, time will heal itself they say.

So back to 'packing and unpacking'. As I have said in my fb, my suitcase is bursting and I still have a thousand jackets and coats to fit in and other small stuff to include.

From all the articles I managed to find in the net about not to look 'like a tourist' includes:
don't wear white nike sneakers (I almost bought one, a cool airmax) instead get a converse, so I got a black high-top, apparently the French loves their converses. Since I'll be interning at London and Paris Fashion Week, I thought I should look at least chic than looking like a student, so black on black is definitely a go-go. Here are some of the coats still laying around the room, not sure how I will cramp them in the suitcase. I'll probably have to wear one and decide for the two...

Love the full-length acid green cardigan I got a couple of days back, my mom actually thought it was a vintage Fendi, hahaha it does have that disco-loud effect, got it from a really 'vintagey' place in Jakarta. That is the ensemble for airport, I'll probably decide on another look at the last minute, might actually wear my levi's instead...

Oh and update on the designer I'll be interning in London, Josh Goot is an Australian designer who has successfully tapped into the London market and one of the only Australian designer to join the prestigious London Fashion Week amongst Christopher Kane, Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith...etc..

Here are some photos from his latest RTW S/S09 Collection, he is most famously known for his silky jersey coats and dresses. His trademark look is his jersey trench coat.

After London I will go to Paris to intern with Collette Dinnigan for Paris Fashion Week and will hopefully extend the duration as she is predominantly based in Paris. So that is it for today, tomorrow morning at 6am I am off to Singapore then London by 18.55 Friday Night. I will need all my lucky stars...see you soon lovers!

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