Friday, February 27, 2009

My fellow friends and desserts at Maison Bertaux

Linda took the picture..!

Hi I thought I should introduce you all to my cousin, Melissa and her fiance, Laszlo (flipped through some letterheads to find the correct spelling..oops) he is from Budapest, Hungary. You know the city where most spy movies shot their cool scenes, including Munich, Bourne Identity..oh apparently Mr. Laszlo said that Evita was also shot in Budapest...!!! Because he is very tall, he is the one arranging the thick wool blanket to cover the high window rail so that the noise will not disturb my sleep. The other night, he forgot to put the blanket up and Melissa very nicely woke him and it turned out that it was already 1 am! but he was very pleasant about it. We usually chat at night until the wee hours because Melissa loves to travel and she traveled for almost a year when she was 23 (at the age I am now) and tells me stories. They will get married in May and will have their wedding dinner in Hungary..oh how romantic. They are the most nicest humblest people I've met and also my friend Linda who I stayed with for two nights but didn't get a photo to show you!!! argh. I feel very bless to have met them in London!

French Cakes at Maison Bertaux! I had the rectangular brown Hazelnut slice with cafe au lait. Yum.


Jackie said...

Halo Lisa and Laszlo! How are you? glad to see you both..finally. thankyou so much for taking Emmelyn to stay in your nice apartment, Emmelyn is very impressed. Congratulations on you coming wedding celebration, best wishes fr us all and greetings to you and Laszlo family.

Melissa said...

Thanks ie,

We're good here :)it was great to have em em here with us, and we're happy to have her staying with us anytime! Hope we'll see her again in London or Paris in May or sooner, and we look forward in seeing you guys too in Jakarta. Can't wait as it has been quite awhile...and enjoy Paris em...the eldelflower twa is super nice btw!