Saturday, February 21, 2009

First Morning in LONDON

Woke up at 8 dad called me worried why I haven't replied his two messages...had my instant ginseng coffee and off we went to Camden Town. The market itself reminds me a lot like Camberwell Market in Melbourne, not better not worse...just mediocre I think. Maybe I was irritable because I didn't have breakfast and kept thinking I have to buy that pre-paid phone chip so my dad can stop texting me to my Indo number (roaming and stuf)...

So anyway Harrods was quite delightful, wished I'd taken more photos to show you but I was in a rush to eat and after eating I went out straight away to explore Kensington area. I have to say though, that coffee in London is good. Melbourne is very much like London or vise versa except that London is 100x bigger, 100x more old buildings and 100x more parks.

I wanted to follow the my DK travel guide, so 1st stop is to the V & A Museum (for Victoria and Albert)...yes it has got to be the hightlight of the day. The fashion section of the museum isn't too flashy but!!! I found the the the the dress by Yohji Yamamoto that was probably one of the the the most important reference of my essay in 2007 about Postmodernist fashion designers of the late 20th century. Why? well it is very simple as you can see, just a black drapey dress with red bottom, but the structure of the dress is made around the body with the seams following the curves of the body, I mean you can't tell where the seams are cos it's black but it's the aesthetic that's most important here. Yamamoto made this dress because he beliefs that a woman has to become one with whatever she's wearing, she moves with the dress, the dress moves with her as one entity...Well I thought it was so cool I got to see it and took a photo of it for free!

Tried on a petticoat upstair in the British section of the exhibitions after watching The Dutchess (must see!). Looked like a fool, but so what, I was the only one there...

Went on to explore Mayfair and St. James area where "the rich spends their money and the rest of us gape (that's what it says in the travel guide)" There are so many small laneways that I got so lost towards the end that I just don't care if I get to Bond street or Oxford street (where most of the designers shops are), just wanted to explore as much as I can. After walking for 3-4 hours, I decided to check out Chinatown which is so small that it's partly worth checking out. Tried my luck at Leicester Square ticket booth for cheap last minute broadways shows, what's left aren't that appealing so I'll try again next week for Les Miserables or Lion King.

Oh another highlight of the day was finding the "National Geographic" concept store near Regents Street in Piccadily, so absolutely *&%# COOL...they sell all these travelling panama-ish ralph lauren-ish leather goods, cargo jackets made of linens, in khakis, camels and soft greens. Their like what Indiana Jones would wear today fighting in an Amazonian resort...and offering a women's collection as well. It's like entering National Geographic magazine but in 3D. All their magazines were displayed everywhere on the walls, circled around a big booth next to their own concept cafe...ah it was really an experience in there.
Inside National Geo Concept Store

Curved Regents Street: all white creamish buildings

National Geo Booth



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Em, that nn comment was me, trying out using yen2's google account, now i ve change d name to jackie so that you know it fr me, following u around..ghghrr..anyway, u must be tired going to museum after a long flight..but well, i guess persistence and hope keeps us going when the passion for something u love is v strong. Among all, i hope u agree with me that ur faith has played a major role in deciding to travel alone, knowing that God is with you, it gave you the courage to go ahead and pursue your ambition. so in other words, acknowledge that with thanksgiving to our Lord,in Jesus Christ.