Friday, May 29, 2009

Au Revoir Paris

Yes, malheuresement, my time's up and I'm returning to Melbourne, not anticipating it obviously but I know I will be back soon, not exactly sure as I don't want to jinx it, but I think I've develop a fine relationship with this city. I'm actually surprising my parents back in Australia, they don't know I'm coming back on Monday night. Honestly I'm not too sure how they'll react, shock...and probably wondering why I'm back so soon. But I came here with or without the intention of staying for 90 days, I thought I'd cruise in, see how it goes etc...But it's been pretty intense this couple of days. My landlady didn't take it so well, I'm sad too, she's très gentille, beautiful, elegant and oh she's just a great person. I have a habit of vanishing without telling so I guess I gotta work on that...

Anyway, every blogger on Paris does perhaps I should do it to, no actually I've always wanted to do it...So here it goes

10 Things Why I Love Paris

1. The L'Air. Often I would close my eyes for a moment while I'm walking, it's usually when I feel so at ease with mysefl, in with that particular moment. Everything seem to be in perfect motion, the air of Paris.

2. The Boulangeries, yes not just the bread, but the facade, the beautiful handiwork, the actual place with old ceramic tiles, little cherubs flying over the ceilings of bygone era, and the anticipation of getting your bread, the aroma, the taste and the funny french ladies behind the counter who always says "Bonne Journée" truthfully.

3, The French Women. They walk with an expression of anticipation, like as if they are searching for something, always in the look out for suspension. Their natural l'air de la mode, très naturel, fashion so understatedly elegant.

4. Rue de Buci, Rue Bonaparte, Rue de L'Université Three of my favourite streets in Paris around Saint-Germain that I passed every single day. The cool galleries in Rue de L'Université, the bistro cafés in Rue de Buci, where Picasso used to do his food shopping, and of course the Laduree in Rue Bonaparte with its playful-trademark green walls, a soft candy palette of boxes arrayed on the shelves. I smile whenever I pass it.

5. The Latin Quartier: from the end of Boulevard Saint-Germain on the 6eme arr to the start of Rue Cardinal Lemoine, The Pantheon, Rue Mouffetard, the little old cinemas with just one or two viewing rooms inside, Rue Monge that stretches endlessly with the most authentic boulangeries, the calm feeling I get when I am walking around there opposite to the Institute du Monde Arabe. Yes everything in Paris seem to evoke a sense, a feeling...

6. My room: my polly-pocket room I call it, with the pink toiles de jouy bedspread, tablecloth and a little rack that holds my clothes. The antique green dresser, the high window with red curtain and of course, the violet sky, the night that never turns into a night that sleeps with me every night.

7. The Yogurt: If you never tasted french yogurt, then you don't know what real yogurt taste like! thick, condesed, milky, fresh, it's like having it straight from the cow! I especially love the Caillé brand. Oh how I will miss it.

8. The Brocantes: The fleamarkets, Yes they are actually the same as the ones in Australia, but it's so celebrated here they have themes that go with each event, or they set it up for a week and when you go visit one it's like being in a entirely different world.

9. The Food Market: Each arrondissement has one or two fresh market that's open every couple of days a week, my best-pick so far is the Bastille Market however I passed the Raspail Market on the way to school on most days. I especially love the chocolat chaud à l'ancienne there on a cold Sunday morning. Perfect!

10. Lastly, it's Paris, the city itself. Everything, when my teacher, the lovely Linda asked everyone to express our dislikes of Paris, I could not think of anything. I just love everything about it, it's so strange for a lot of friends I'm sure, they've had some bad experiences I'm sure, but since the day I've arrived, on that cold Sunday morning, coming out of the Eurostar at Gare de L'Est, I knew right there in that moment, that this city is in favour with me, and I am here to enjoy it!

Au revoir Paris, je n'oublierai pas, et je vous voir bientôt!


lady jicky said...

I am trying to think of something I do not like about Paris but I can't come up with anything yet either!

Elly + Yin said...

YaY! You're back!
But NO! That more posts on your interesting Paris adventure. =(

Maybe you should do "_ _ days in Melbourne". You can start from this coming Sunday at the market ;)

EMMELYN said...

I might do that Elly! Lady Jicky, sorry to be out of the radar of awhile, I have something for you, it's a small gift. Can I send it to your address? my email is hope we can be in touch!

lady jicky said...

Oh you naughty girl!

Jackie said...

what can i say that you are to your next plan, well..lets just do it one day at a time. Its our motto remember.