Saturday, May 30, 2009


The owners are the same peeps behind Bonpoint, an exclusive children clothing brand from Paris that has art-like window displays and most of their shops in the seventh arrondissement.

On the way back home, I had kept a note to visit this newly-opened giant boutique, Merci that has been getting loads of favorable attention from blogger and french people as well. The warehouse-like building with high ceilings, combining lots of black steel and aluminium is a very cool shop indeed. At first I was very sceptical because a lot of french has been saying that the clothes are way to expensive and all just 'for show' but you know what, I loved it. Just the way I would imagine it if one day I have my own place. They have vintage furniture, french-designers clothes, perfumery by Anick Goutal and homewares in the top floor. The concept is anything but new, but they did it well and I would recommend it for anyone visiting Paris.

An old fiat, if I'm correct? Stuffed with plants and flowers. A cool display of spontaneous art.

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