Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fête du Pain

Fête du Pain à Paris

I had been waiting this moment ...since....well since Monday :P and the 22 minutes it took me to walk from Saint-Germain...every step of the way I was dreaming of being in bread heaven as the first bites of a good bread does to a french person. I knew the bread has to be good, I mean it is the event that showcase bread, one of the three Les goûts de Paris: du pain, du fromage et du vin. And also I knew they were making the bread inside and selling them outside afterwards...amidst the rain...I was marching away...closer and closer...

Once at the premise, off I went to the over-heated giant tent in front of Notre-Dame Church, filled with a jolly good bunch of hungry-bread-grabbing tourists eager to snatch not just a handful but an eager basket gesture with their hands filled with free cut baguette that were offered at each counter. Hey you can't blame them, I too had my greedy moments inside, it was nearing two o'clock in the afternoon and I was super famished! he-he-he. The music was on full-high, the chefs patisserie were singing aloud while shaping and moulding little unbaked croissants. They were having a great time and I'm sure each of them were very proud that they get to show visiters of Paris about their love of bread-and bread making.

After tasting a few snatches of bread inside, I needed to refuel my unsatisfied hunger, so I headed outside to one of the smaller tents selling the baked-goods.

I did had one of the best sandwich in Paris, of just plain jambon et buerre, my favourite, they are called Le Parisien in boulangeries, ham and butter, but oh my goodness, the butter is just so sweet and delicious. It melts in my mouth and the bread is so fresh I could taste a bit of the burnt sides of the bread as it was baked in a non-industrialised machine and it just came out of the oven before lunch! describe bread heaven, well it's like eating something that you like, it taste good in your mouth, it doesn't scratch the top of your gum as some crispy bread does and you know it's healthy for you so you eat with no guilt. Actually since living in Paris, I no longer think food as the enemy like I often does with certain food when I was living in Melbourne, including bread. :)

The mini croissants, crispy and yes I'm sure they melt in your mouth. Yum. I had a good lunch. Until 18 May and it is a yearly event. At the end of the festival, they usually have a croissant winner.


Elly + Yin said...

Droooooolsssss* Even the unbaked croissants look delicious!

I went to Gracie's graduation ceremony yesterday. If only you were there too! She has braces!! YES! you heard me! Her smile is so different now. She tried so hard not to say "Cheese" or "Money" while she had her photos taken by the photographer yesterday. It was so damn funny!

Have fun in Belgium! Don't forget to bring back some of their famous dark chocolate! =)


Jackie said...

if u love bread so much, u either have to marry someone overseas or an Indonesian who owes a bakery! i wander who d lucky guy is..hahaha