Thursday, May 21, 2009


A photo of the sky in Budapest, around 6 30pm, the day my cousin celebrated her wedding by throwing a memorable dinner in a beautiful old mason. I looked up the sky and saw a trail of what looks like the cloud tail of a plane perhaps? I recently watched a short clip of a French director's view of Paris and he said that when you walk the streets of a city, always look up, the view of the top is as equally interesting as the view below. Paris is one city that has interesting tops!

Today 21 May 2009 is Ascension Day in Paris, a national public holiday that commemorates the day when Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven following his crucifixion and resurrection, according to Christian belief. It the 40th day of Easter and is ten days before Pentecost Sunday. Public holidays in Paris is a tranquil day, there is not much happening, yet it is very lovely to walk the silent streets as you will feel or I usually feel that Paris belongs to me. All mine :)

Pray and Reflect about your life, Thank God and I hope you all have a blessed day.

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