Thursday, May 7, 2009


Since living in Paris for the past two months I share this fact with almost every non-french human living creature I met in Paris who loves to shop and basically loves fashion (who doesn't) that Paris is so hilariously expensive and we could easily get the same exact looking piece of clothing in our own country whether Australia, America or the UK for half the price. Shoes are insanely overpriced, a cheap looking ballerina flats would start at about 59euros normally so that is equivalent to almost 120Aus dollar and you could get a really nice pair in Melbourne. So anyway while I dream of buying clothes at local boutiques like Sandro, Zadig & Voltaire and Isabel Marant almost every second day, I happened to (I think I was meant to find it after two months in Paris) bumped into CHERCHEMINIPPES at 102 Rue de Cherche-Midi (hence the name I suppose). It was literally like finding a treasure box filled with gold coins! There were racks and racks of brands that I mentioned above plus Agnes b, Paul & Joe, Margiella, Comptoirs de Cotonniers and many other chic French local brands. And to my advantage the prices started at 4.50euro, yes you red it right!! Being an experienced shopper, I think I am very good at controlling my spending here, ha ha, I surveyed the whole shop for probably about 1 hour and really really found a lot of things that I really like. However since I already know that I will probably come back a dozen times more, in the end, I only bought two really nice cream-rosy blouses for a total of 13.50euros!! I still can't believe it and it is truly one of those unexpected joys in Paris and one of the reason I love this place so much, is that everything is so mysteriously hidden and that you just have to find it at your own pace and not force it.

End of story, I found three other Chercheminippes along Rue de Cherche-Midi, high-end couture boutique with Diane Von Furstenberg silk dresses starting at 45euros (insane!!), Costume National skirts from 20euros and designer shoes and bags from 40euros. Chercheminippes for Men, Children and one specially carrying only shoes and bags. All European labels and all starting at the most 10euros. I love PARIS.

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