Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cette Semaine

Corner of UGC Danton cinema, metro Odeon and Boulevard Saint-Germain 6eme arr.

Another reason why I love Saint-Germain so much...look at this little bistrot with little flower pots hanging above the awning...and the black boards with hand-written menus...I was over at metro Odeon when I saw this little gem of bistrot.

I was checking out cheap cinemas near Odeon as I was anticipating Anges et Démons with Tom Hanks in it and is out tomorrow! I gotta watch it...I think the story is crispier than Davinci Code...anyway I'm a bit tired today, feeling a bit restless...it's probably the build-up anticipation of going to Budapest this weekend! hurrrarrrr!!!

However there are some must-haves to do by the end of the week, a visit to the Brocante market in Bastille, where there are over 200 antique dealers selling their stuffs in a big giant white tent. I hope it's worth the 8euro entry ticket.

This afternoon as I was passing Notre-Dame on my way to Le Marais, I passed another smaller tent with the big text of "La Fête du Pain" Oh my goodness, I was screaming awweesssommeeee, anyway it is a yearly event where about eight to ten boulangers made breads at the premise from mixing flour and water to actually baking it in their oven. I'm pretty sure there are free tasting...! Starting from this Thursday 14 May through to the 18 May. Sweelll...

Every year, the event is held in Paris opposite of the Notre-Dame. This photo is from here.

And I also need to get a body lotion. :)

Infront of PAUL boulangerie at Rue Rennes...6eme arr. It was corner parking...it is illegal but there it's the norm in Paris.

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