Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"The Sweet Life in Paris" David Lebovitz

The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz. His sixth book, his recent was The Perfect Scoop, an ice cream recipe book, I have red great reviews about it, definitely a must-by if you love making homemade ice creams or if you fancy eating it :)

The book's cover is the facade of Laduree in Rue Bonaparte, 6eme arr, about a five minutes walk from where I live. It is a very beautiful corner, and everyone who passes it will slowly paced their walk and admire the colourful Laduree packagings on the glass window and for those who loves macaroons, I mean who doesn't? those cute round little cookies glued together with sweet filings, will go inside and buy a couple to munch on the way home.

The funny, whiney (self-confessed) Mr. David Lebovitz at his book signing today at WHSmith at 248 Rue de Rivoli, 1eme arr. I had a great time listening to his reading of whacky emails he received from fans reading his blog. Since 2002, David L. has been living in Paris, he shares his hilarious and just everyday crazy encounters with the French in his popular blog while writing recipe books, doing chocolate tours and just enjoying Paris and loving it more and more.

Once you love this city, it's hard to leave it behind...n'est pas?

I will surely enjoy my Sweet Life in Paris, Thank You David! All the way from Indonesia... :)


lady jicky said...

Just for me - please have a cassis macaroon Emmelyn !
I just love the laduree green they paint their shops and the way the whole look is lush and delish.

EMMELYN said...

Oh sweet! I will, just for you. By the way, Coco Avant Chanel rocks, it's def not what I expected by it is very beautiful, simple and very touching. Watch it when it comes out in Melbourne ok.

Kim said...

I love reading his blog. He makes me laugh out loud. And his recipe....to die for. My first visit to your blog--we have EXACTLY the same library!! Really, only 90 days in Paris? Just not enough.