Sunday, May 24, 2009

Comfort & Joy: a novel

Comfort & Joy by Kristin Hannah.

This book I picked up at Shakespeare & Co. yesterday afternoon simply because I liked the cover, the 3euro bargain price and thought to myself "Oh how bad can a book with a title of comfort and joy be thaaaat bad..." and you know what, I finished the book the same night!! It was so good I could not put it down...The story is truly mesmerizing and teared my eyes a handful of times. It is a story about a librarian who had previously been utterly dissapointed at how things happened between her ex husband and some family members of her, and one day she bought a ticket on impulse just to get away from her past and found herself in a plane accident in a town not far away from Seattle. She encountered a little cottage owned by this guy and his son who had experienced a similar tragedy. She tried to help them and in the process learnt many wonderful lessons from her friendship with the little boy. It is really not one of those romantic novels you'd think it's just about a woman falling in love etc and so on, the victim etc etc... It is about believing and finding faiths in unexpected places and the joy that comes with simple gestures...I love it so much! Now I'm desperate to read a new novel but has too much stacked in my side table...not too sure how I'm going to bring them back to Australia...perhaps I'll give some away... :(


Elly + Yin said...

No No No! Bring them back!

nico1e said...

If you liked this then you should go see Benoît Jacquot's direction of Isabelle Huppert in Villa Amalia (now playing, I just saw it last week in Tours)

EMMELYN said...

Wow ok, will do that, thank you Nicoie? and for Elly, I'll try to bring as many as I can! maybe we could a book swap when I get back.. I'm sure there are books of yours I'll be dying to read!