Thursday, May 21, 2009

Un Mariage de Rêve

or released as Easy Virtue in the United States.

One of the reason the French Language is utterly intricate and complicated is that some words when joined as sentences and translated, are not what you think they would mean in English or is not as easy to translate as you would think. Such as this. I thought un mariage de rêve is translated as a marriage of dream, a woman's vision of her dream wedding, a film about having a great wedding and all those things wonderful about a wedding. But pas du tout! Not at all, when I looked up the English title, it was Easy Virtue! Woaah, that is so totally different meaning that what I thought the movie is about but when you think harder and search the meaning of virtue and of course have watched the film, everything made sense. In definition, virtue means having goodness, righteousness, and moral excellence. Easy Virtue is something as near-impossible of quality to attain if you are...lets say, a human living in this kinda-world. The film is not what I had expected, but I enjoyed very much watching all the commotions and problems that arises between the character of Jessical Biel as an American newlywed, entering a wealthy 'proper' English family. The fits and fights reached to a peak at the end of the movie, and the ending is surprising and I recommend the movie to everyone, particularly women of all ages.

When you think about it, a marriage of a dream can also means a collections of dreams, hopeful things that one wishes to gain or expects to have, yet often are dissapointed as real life promises the opposites. I guess one must watch the film to really understand why Easy Virtue would be translated to Un Mariage de Rêve. The lead character of Jessica Biel is the centrepoint of the film, for a bit of summary and I hope I don't dissapoint you in telling this, is that she is what the meaning of the film is about, in the end, even though she has the darkest history from all the English aristocrats characters around her, she has the imperfect virtue of a character.

Anyway from French translations to all this definitions, I must stop or I will trail into other dimensions...Hope you get to see this film when it comes out in DVD :)


lady jicky said...

Oooo - I have 2 movies to try to see!
I really want to see the chanel one with Audrey Tatou and I love Kirstin Scott Thomas and must see this too!!!!!!!

EMMELYN said...

and rent Paris Je t'aime! It's made up of short story in different scenes throughout Paris. You will enjoy it very much. Maybe u watch it already? perhaps??

lady jicky said...

I do have that DVD ! I have a number of french movies. I do not mind reading the translation. Some people hate to do that and miss out on some wonderful movies. Crazy.