Sunday, May 10, 2009

Falling in Love with Paris...

Falling in Love with Paris...all over again

The flower market is also one of my favourite places to visit. The little flowers in their little pots are so inexpensive compare to the ones in the shops. A good place to take your mothers.

My cousin who got married last weekend in London came over to Paris this weekend for a short break with her whole family, parents and brother and sister-in-law. I naturally became the on-off tour guide, and had a fun time practicing my french the whole weekend when we had to do the daunting task of ordering food in a restaurant and just asking simple things to get by...and I really enjoyed their company here. Arriving with EuroStar on Friday morning, they rented a service apartment at Rue Saint Denis called Le Petit Châtelet over on the 1st arrondissement, which was very central and is just a stone away from Georges Pompidou Centre and within walking distance to the Louvre Museum. On Friday, we went to Le Marais, we had sandwiches by the Pompidou center, went passed by Île Saint-Louis and saw a really cool jazz ensemble and my auntie loved the flower market at the Cité had dinner at a cool brasserie over at the 11eme arr.
It was one of the personal highlights of my day, the light, the song of Ave Maria, along the passage of the Louvre in the afternoon. It was magical.

Unfortunately the crêperie place that we all wanted to go to was closed on the friday and the next day when we came back after walking a good 20minutes from the metro, and with each step we were discussing how many courses we were going to have and which toppings etc...we found out the place was fully booked!! Walking back to the metro with our down faces... I told them, this is one of the charm of Paris, a city that 'literally' takes your breath away but it also meant that they just have to come back to Paris..!

The carousel at Jardin de Tuilleries, my auntie said that the city of Paris is like a city made of squares of pretty blocks, like legos, all laid out in such a way that they lit up.

So anyway, on Saturday they went to see the Eiffel Tower, and at night, we decided to take a rest and get sandwiches and takeaways to eat in the apartment instead, which turned out better for everyone too as some of our legs were about to fall off...aahaha if you are not used to walking, well Paris can be a bit cruel...but because there were too many interesting places to see, we just kept going.

I realised that Paris is truly a captivating place sans les clichés, and with each day spending time with my cousins, auntie and uncle, I just wished more and more that my parents can come here and not just see this beautiful city, but feel it in their hearts as it has captivated my own.

I can't seem to get over the notion that you can just paint your hearts away whenever you feel like it in Paris. She is just splashing paints and enjoying every second of it and me being the thrilled tourist clicking away on my camera.

Can you see the expression on her face (sorry it's blurry) just enjoying and listening to her music and walking away like as if she is absorbing l'esprit de Paris. Walking along the Seine as I have said many times is the Paris to-do, you will not get bored trust me.

When we all visited Notre-Dame church, I lit up a candle and made a wish. I was told that if my wish came true, I have to come back there and say my thank you prayer. Although my wish was not so that my parents can come here, because that is too do-able, I'm sure they will come here very soon, it was something else I hope will come true. When it does, I will tell you all and by that time I would probably have a one-way ticket to Paris again.

Inside the Church, there were a long slides of resin sculptures like these one above, depicting the many scenes of Christ Jesus's lives. This one if I am not mistaken was when Jesus blessed the bread and wine, the last supper. I am just transfixed by the 'real' mimicking of the bread that the apostle is holding. Doesn't it look like a real bread, even at that time, they can do a real good impression of a real bread. Sorry, I just love bread...

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