Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bonpoint: très jolie

Parisians love their bebes and moreover, they spoiled their kids!
Case 1: Bonpoint
There are four Bonpoint boutiques behind my apartment around Rue de Grenelle and Rue du Bac, and each of them has specific clothing, for boys, for girls, for bebes, and the last ones...I'm not too sure...the ages in between?

Their window displays are so artistic, cute, imaginative and super Cool.

The strings with the little flying butterflies around the pink dress actually rotates 24/7. Unbelievable!

Bonpoint for boys. With their own green plastic car on display.

A childrenswear couture house, as it is described in their website, Bonpoint is expensive. Not your typical daywear for the little ones. Childrenswear is big market I've noticed in Paris, every commercial street has a few boutiques catering for 'couture' kidswear. This particular one that I passed every day has the most unbelievable window display.

A big bear cuddling a cub in a garden of Eden!

How could you not stop and say "aaaaawwwww......"

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