Friday, April 24, 2009

Perma Vacationer

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Seriously considering being a full-time perma vacationer.

a person who is "permanently" on vacation because they work where people go on vacation

p.s:my mum actually taught me the word


Jackie said...

I cant take d credit Em! I actually learnt d word perma vacationer from Johan as they came back from their honeymoon in Cairns. They loved the place so much that they look forward to return for good. Perhaps papa and I might become 'one' as well as we go visit you up there! but then again...not at this age of course!Gbu Em. Hug2 Kiss ok.

Johan and Natalie said...

Actually, Nat and I learned that word from the Ben Stiller's movie "heartbreaker kid" :-)

Jackie said...

hahaha..isnt it fun to be honest! whoever thinks its good to lie, wait until you try to be honest!it is very fullfilling.

EMMELYN said...

haha good point!let's ponder it.