Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rue l’Université

On the way home at about 5 30pm, I spotted this girl walking besides a nonetheless plain looking guy, nothing about her dressing is particularly chic or so-totally-hot-at-the-moment!, but that is what I love about French women and the way they dress. Unpretentious. Black Fitted leather jacket, upper-knee length skirt with boots. A light shawl draped around the neck. And a baguette as an accessory. Ah I am falling in love with this city as of typing.

And not to forget those cute minis! Spotted another one, in two colors! hurray

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Elly + Yin said...

Mel! Don't go to Belgium just yet! I've cancelled my japan trip & am going to book my Paris trip this weekend instead. End of may..early June (see which one is cheaper). Email me your telephone number.. Easier to talk. I want to see the girl in a pearl earring too! Love, eLLy*