Saturday, April 25, 2009

Muesli Date Yogurt

Fruits in Spring seem to look brighter and happier in Paris. I have notice just recently that strawberries and blueberries are in. Every fruit grocer in the markets seem to be in a contest with each other, of who has the shiniest, most gigantic looking strawberries, their red skin glistening with the reddest of hues. For me, I just love seeing them, piled high in their carton boxes, so clean without a speck of dust. Now, I've been asked what sort of fertilizers those French farmers use, but I've actually just found out that, most of the markets I've visited are organic-friendly.

So...lets just say, they were born perfect.

The fruits display here are from Rue Poncelet Marché Alimentaire in the 8eme arrondissement. A small pedestrian street, tucked between Avenue Wagram and about 15minutes from Arc de Triomphe, closest Metro is Ternes.

Slurp, I can just gulp them down in one minute! I remember an uncle who had a bad case of diarrhea when my sister and I gave him a box of fresh blueberries we just picked from this little forest near our late-grandmother's house in Vancouver. Since that day, the sight of blueberries and fruits that ends with berries always reminds me of the Vancouver incident. Nevertheless, I still love them.

I was slightly dissapointed of this bakery so highly praised in David Lebovitz's blog, first of all, the colour green didn't appeal to my taste as I was picturing a more antique traditional looking bakery. I guess it's due to this new location, as the original is at the 20eme arrondissement, also this is more of a salon de the. They didn't have old-fashioned baguettes or simple stuffed sandwiches. The ones I saw were prepacked in transparent foil and started from 4.80euro! Trop cher!

The ricotta tarts weren't impressive either. :(
Though, I like the pink-paper packaging.

Dinner was the highlight of the day I'd say :))))) plain natural yaourt with almonds stuffed dates, a good throw of muesli mix with raisins and crunchy little things I got from MonoPrix. YUUUM

and the french conversation class I took with a friend at this church near l'Hôtel de Ville
. Weather was terrible though today. Oh well tomorrow is Sunday! which means....cereal bread from Bastille Market!.............and church :))))))

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Elly + Yin said...

eeekk... that green is .... I don't even feel like going into a food store in that colour. Doesn't look very appealing huh? Any good though the bread and pastries?