Thursday, April 2, 2009

Picnic by The Eiffel

Decided not to hang out in the library today, since the weather is tres tres tres beau! Next week is back to rain cats and dogs. Walked for about 30 minutes to Rue Saint Dominique on the seventh to get a sandwich from Moulin de la Vierge, it is one of Paris best boulangerie. Their baguette has won many awards and so is their brioche. My french teacher, Madame Nicoll, said yesterday that we French lives by three things, du pain, du vin, et du fromage. True. A good article I found just recently compares the Parisian like a French Baguette, read it when you have time and it also lists some of the best boulangeries in Paris.

I've seen the Eiffel Tower in distances many times now throughout my stay in Paris, however I have never been so close as of today. And it was breathtakingly beautiful, very powerful architecture. I had a little picnic while doing a bit of french homework. But mostly I was enjoying my sandwich from Moulin de la Vierge and the 1.05e canele. What I like about the boulangerie is that they make the sandwich in front of you, slicing the baguette first and stuffing neatly the jambon et fromage.

On my way there, I passed Les Invalides monuments and the area surrounding it, all relating to military history of France. The buildings all seem to be different than the rest of Paris hausmannian buildings, very English I thought, very random of me.

Then I walked passed a little garden with statues of supposedly important French people, and a group of students from a nearby Ecole was having a visit as well. The view from the garden to the Eiffel in the distance was really picturesque, I had to get a picture of this.

I seem to be going to the seventh a lot this week, not just because I live within walking distance as I am still practically on the sixth. Probably because my church, my favourite boulangeries and most of the nice food markets are all in that area. Ok I gotta do my French homeworks now. Enjoy your day!

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