Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Potato Head in Paris

Here are the things I've found in Paris that reminds me of POTATO HEAD

Potato Head
a popular bistro/restaurant/bar in Jakarta
becoming a cool local institution to gather-eat-have fun-chillin' in Asia

has the best cocktail drinks mixed by a world famous mixer

Rue de l'Université, 6eme arr. I passed this gallery every day on my way home. They have the strangest, most bizarre yet utterly cool out-of-this world visual concoctions. This was this week.
Wooden Gnomes standing around a classical painting around the 18th century. Fake plastic mushrooms laid over fake green grass. Kitsch- so Potato Head.

This visual concoction was the past three weeks, the pink rolls on the sides are pink tissue rolls. Can you see the back walls are covered with pink tissue walls?

Part of the permanent collection of this gallery. Tiny miniatures of wooden fingers.

Mushroom plastic lamps that I saw months ago at Le Jupon Rouge, on the 9eme arr. Not as authentic as the ones in Potato Head but close enough to remind of them.

The first reminder at Marché aux Puces, 20eme arr. Orange Tolix chairs.

Etat de Siege off Rue de Seine, 6eme arr.,

At The Conran Shop in Rue du Bac, 6eme arr., opposite Le Bon Marche grand magasin.

Tolix silver chairs used for dining inside this famed crêperie Le Cape Breton, Rue des Victoires, 2eme arr.

Blogs and Newspaper reviews of Potato Head.

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Elly + Yin said...

OMG OMG ! I can finally see you! (first and last photo) hahaha* ^_^

I am soooo gonna go 2 Potato Head when I go back! With you of course! Those robotic pictures on the wall make a great background for a fashion shoot!

Guess what? I've been driving my sister's car lately (she left it @ glenny) he he he. Getting a car soon ... Mini? or Fiat 500?