Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So why do the people in Australia call it *hump-Wednesday*? Well my sister and my dad has this theory that it is approaching middle of the week, hence the 'hump' and it is also when a lot of blue collar workers and yuppies etc go to bars and fancy restaurants after work, to celebrate the coming-end of their work days. Apparently the term was coined by Americans.

However the effect is sort of worldwide I presume, in Jakarta, most bars and bistros are very crowded on Wednesdays.

In Paris though...

Wednesday is cheap movie tickets day! but I didn't make a full use of that, since I didn't have enough cash in my wallet and left my bankcard at home :( But a note to do for next Wednesday, I'm going to watch Coco Avant Chanel, horraaaayy it's out at last.

Audrey Tautou who also starred in the French classic, Amelie, will be playing Coco Gabrielle Chanel, oh how cool is she! I think she symbolizes the true laid-back bohemian Parisienne, with her almost-black curly crop, sharp complexion, pouty mouth and petite frame. My french professeur actually told me that French women actually have brown -black hair...not blondes...contrary to what I've always thought. Ok, now I have another task to find a nice Saint-Germain cinema, not those over-rated big touristy looking thing on Rue de Rennes.

Stopped over to Mono-Prix and remembered about David Lebovitz's blog about Paris having the grandest selection of yogurt! and it was true, il y a beaucoup-beaucoup des yaourts!

The selection on one long cold shelf, this is just the everyday yaourt, there is another shelf facing this one stacked with the dessert selection, including yaourt de riz, panna cotta, and chocolate to vanilla flavors of all kinds!

Besides my favorite, Caillé, thanks to David Lebovitz's blog, I also like the unsweetened Malo brand. Purely because of the packaging I think. Looks more organic doesn't it?

On the way home,...He actually has a little real gray feather sticking out of his bowler hat. Some of the french people I've seen dressed too immaculately bizarre at 5 o'clock in the afternoon!

At Boulevard Saint-Germain, 7eme, just after passing Rue du Bac. See its twin at Avenue Montagne that I snapped last week!

Now everyone will believe me when I tell them that French people parked their cars literally touching each others' bumpers.

Alright I hope you have a funny-weird sort of *hump* Wesdnesday...and ewwwww! for those of you who thought it was...


lady jicky said...

Its Friday here in Melbourne, Australia.
I hope we get then new chanel movie here soon!
Please tell us what you thought of it!

Elly + Yin said...

I love audrey but as coco Chanel? I think she's too cute to be coco. Let me know if it's good but don't tell the whole story.

EMMELYN said...

merci les filles. I will update the post once Coco is ticked off the list!

Johan and Natalie said...

How will the car get out from that position?

EMMELYN said...

Hi J and N. I seriously don't know, but you see that everywhere, maybe they push the bumper up and down til they have a bit of space... c'est bizarre yah!