Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's PALM SUNDAY :)))))

Today, it's Palm Sunday, which means everyone who attends a church service today, will receive a small palm leaf in remembrance of Christ when He rode that little donkey when He entered Jerusalem! Palm Sunday marks the Sunday before Easter and for a lot of believers, it signals the welcoming of Christ and for me, personally, a reflection of the things I've done over these months and what I've gained since my short time in Paris.

The grand interior of the American Church, with the beautiful tinted stained glass windows that depicts many saints and disciples below.

In the far right corner, the lady pastor is delivering the sermon about Christ coming to Jerusalem. The church is very full today and almost every other Sunday. Today there are new visitors from The Baltics (near Finland they said), Washington DC, Wichita, Houston Texas and even Seattle!

As it turned out today, the bell in Saint-Dominique Church rang for many hours, signaling Palm Sunday and there were a mass gathering outside. French men and women coming out of their Sunday cave to attend church service!

Look, the little kid even carries her own palm leaf! This is outside Saint-Dominique Church, I can't believe how many French people I saw today holding their palm leaf even while walking around the city. I don't know whether all of them attend a service earlier in the day, but now I belief there are still many French believers in Paris. Contrary to the notion that French are mostly atheists. I disagree! today is proof!

I had a such a great morning. Mostly it's because the spirit of Palm Sunday is everywhere felt around town. For those of you who've missed a service today, don't forget to attend a service near you on Easter Sunday next week! Bonne Dimanche as the bakery lady said to me today and so it goes to you.


Elly + Yin said...

The picture of the little boy and girl holding palm leafs brought tears into my eyes. It reminds me of me and my brother when we were little. I remember vividly how mom went looking for palm leafs for us to bring to school.

Hope you are well ~ =)


Jackie said...

i thank God that u found urself in a crowd of believers. Gbu.