Sunday, April 19, 2009

Île Saint-Louis

Regarded as Paris most-expensive address, Île Saint-Louis charmed every visitors of Paris, including me. Century hold buildings, passageways and squares, this slice of tranquility is also the home of Berthillon ice-cream, or glaces in French. I passed Chez Julien today, set in a cobblestone steps with a two open-air terasses. The antique blue walls with its painted windows facing the streets attract first-timers and Parisiens alike. Here are some of the shots around Rue Saint Louis en Ille.

This next door cafe also boast a very picturesque l'exterieur, at Cafe Louis Phillipe.

One of the things I've come to appreciate recently, even before my travel is personalized stationary or paperie. I did a version of my own stationary while I was in Jakarta last time with JBdesign based in Indonesia. They do very well printed stationary for business and personal.

Paris being the city of art and design, I have come across a few artisan shops selling the most exquisite collection of papeterie and accessories. This one at Île Saint-Louis.

The quirky sign above showing two figures hugging a set of colored pencils. How adorable... I must take a full shot of the name of the shop next time I'm in the area. The shop must be some hundreds year old, judging from the antique and traditional looking tools and boxes displayed.

Clever huh? A magnifying glass on top of a giant beetle. The illustrations are just breathtaking...

I often wonder, how could a city be so filled with such appreciation to art and history, so inspiring. Hidden, mysterious, majestic Paris.

Île Saint-Louis is located in a little island, between the left and right bank of Paris. A sort of a little private island for the obviously lucky inhabitants. The tall buildings covering this island hides what is inside the little streets filled with rows and rows of Berthillon ice-cream sellers, artisanale honeys vendors, and gifts shops and speciality food merchants. A definite place to visit.

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