Friday, April 17, 2009

What sitting on my bedside table

A surprised little package from a very nice uncle who seem to know Paris secretly well (since 20 years ago).

Hediard is a Paris institution, started in 1854 by Ferdinand Hediard, this gourmet emporium supplies everything from spiced teas, magical chocolates, specially brewed coffee, spiced fruits, macaroons and a delectable selections of charcuterie.

"I had my first bite tonight of one of its 33 little chocolates...and it was pretty amazing...well if you're reading this 'ku, I can't thank you enough for taking me to the 123 floors of the Eiffel tower to Jules Verne and the wonderful company!" em

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Jackie said...

good gracious, ngku surely knows how to steal your heart..yes, he is v particular about d small little things that i often miss out..glad that he is around to compensate for us, i mean me and papa..huh.