Monday, April 6, 2009

C'est Lundi, C'est Normal!

"Je suis fatiguee"..."I can't stand it anymore"...."What is she talking about?"...."I don't feel too well" my classmates complaining at about 12 45pm, 15 minutes before class finishes.

Qui. Je comprends!

It's Monday, it's normal!

Yes today is the day after Sunday, meaning most boulangerie are closed, the fromagerie decided to have another day off and one in two of your favorite shops is definitely closed. The after-effect of Sunday.

So I can't seem to find something interesting to write today. Other than I found another yellow mini in Rue Jacob Saint-Germain and I have never seen a yellow before. Typical french colour though, yellow and blue and red.

One boulangerie in Rue Vavin, 6eme, around Alliance Francais got the best of Monday, the other one boulangerie which is as good as that one just opposite it closed today, so everyone is packing to this one. There isn't a lot of artisan bakeries around Alliance Francais, three in my count so far around Blvd Raspail to Blvd Montparnasse. And by the time class finishes around 1 15pm, which is around the time ALL french people grab their sandwich a emporter. And I'm getting sick of eating Le camembert from PAUL. And I am getting pickier with my bread. And! today I've learned that the boulangerie that I go frequently has decided to change their bread on Monday. Instead of the ones from Banette, today I got some spongey sandwich for my Jambon et Fromage. Alas, stop complaining girl. See what Lundi does to you!

But good thing everyone respects the Paris Line (something that I learned since my stay here and also from You get in from the other side and you exit from the other side, everyone gets treated equally and no one can jump into line in whatsoever circumstances. Unless you're really really old and tiny and desperatly persistent, like this lady I saw in Monoprix today jumping the line.

Even the people passing by had to stare. With the many ecoles around the area, it's pretty normal though and one thing I've noted, there is always plenty of food-to-go for everyone so get into the line and wait for your turn, it moves pretty fast!!

Tomorrow I am braving myself to join the queue.

It's Monday, it's normal...

Even the pugs are stoned on Monday.

That apartment on Rue de l'Universite got the afternoon Sun! Nice...

Oh well. Another Sunny day in Paris. Sun is smiling and I need to apply more SPF30.

Bonne Soiree!

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Elly + Yin said...

Haha...stoned pugs! Cute! Your photos are getting stranger / quirkier each time! I heart!

I found a song for you!! It's on my blog! It makes me think of you sitting alone in a cafe sipping on your coffee, with a slim French cigarette on one hand? ;p