Monday, April 20, 2009

Jules Verne. Haute Cuisine

Mon oncle, M. David, et ton colleague, M. Robert et moi. :)

So if anyone asked me have I been to La Tour Eiffel? My answer would be...

"No, I haven't, but I have been to Jules Verne..."

Jules Verne is a restaurant on the 123 floors up the Eiffel tower. To go up or shall I say, to go side up, you have to take a chaperoned elevator ride. It was super intense in the lift going up enclosed within the intricate rails of the Eiffel. Definitely a magnifying ride.

The interior of the restaurant is dark and sleek at the same time. Service is chic and professional, and world-renowned Chef, Alain Ducasse takes care of the haute cuisine.

l'Entrée: Creamy asparagus soup with thin bread roll.

Le Plat Principal: Seared Scallops with Macaroni and Cheese...haha it was really good mac and cheese!

I ordered Toffee and Coffee mouse cake for dessert, but was too in the mood of eating that I forgot to immortalize it...Sorry.

The panoramic view from our table overlooking the Paris skyline gradually came to a peak point when all lights of Parisian buildings lights up against the black sky. It was beautiful. We had a good chat about French life and a bit of their strange habits, Robert said that this is the first time in Paris experiencing good-waiter service...haha you would be getting this service for the Michelin-star restaurant! It was a great dinner and I think we all had FUN.

this picture from one of the articles about Jules Verne restaurant.

Definitely one of the unforgettable moments of Paris...

Jules Verne
La Tour Eiffel, 75007.

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Jackie said...

hmm, although i m not much of a food person, but that i call real classy gourmet. yes i can sense d special ambiance. Cheers Em.