Monday, March 23, 2009

Bonjour Alliance Française

With me, It's either I'm in a hurry or I think I'm running late. This morning is that sort of episode. First class at Alliance Française, I vouched last night not to be late (which I know I won't anyway but still has the jitters). So as I was walking to Boulevard Raspail from Blvd Saint-Germain from the seventh, I felt the pang. You know the kinda 'pang' that you get because you haven't switch your brain to wake up two hours early and you system is crying for food. Hurry hurry I don't see any boulangeries....!

On the way I found my favourite mini in dark green.

Found a last minute boulangerie on the 6th adjacent to Rue de Fleurus at 31 Rue d'Assas by the name of Baudard. Picked my favourite pain aux raisins. It was sooooo gooooooood, buttery and softer than the ones I've had so far or maybe I was just hungry? I've noticed Parisian breads have so much layering and soft crispyness that you don't get anywher else, it's like as if they're made of real bakery hands with feelings.

before peak hour

Tells you the ingredients in pain au chocolat, croissant, plain baguettes...cute packaging, most of the tradional bakeries wraps their bread in those kind of packaging, this one though had a Banette logo at the bottom. Banette is another popular artisans bakery in Paris in 46 Rue Cardinal Lemoine. 5eme.

My solution for that pang.

Lunch Time!!!!!!the crowds lined up to the streets. Well after all it is one of the only traditional boulangeries to be found around the Rue Rennes commercialised area.

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