Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Little Hat

After a rainy and wet Paris last week, the sun shines ever so cheerfully this week :) The little hat we found.

We found two hats today at Le Petit Pont, actually three but we left the last one since it was too worn out. Someone has apparently just left them there, I was sure that the owner must be someone leaving the city in a rush and wanted a good Samaritan to take his/her hat (judging by the content of the bag, it has to be a she) and the clearly visible location easily spotted by two very elegant young ladies like ourselves. Today we found two bags left on the street of Paris. One was filled with classic French novels, the kinds that you see on the banks of Paris Quays. The second was the hat and some strange smelling clothes in a bag, which we decided to leave at the Metro for the poor paysanne. C'est bizarre, we found two free stuff today, a french friend actually says it's c'est normal.

R.D.V (Rendez-vous) a 19.15 ce soir, we had crepes for dinner at a place called Crêperie Saint André des Arts, Latin Quartier, at the back of Metro Saint Michel. There two very popular and famous creperies there at Rue Saint Andres des Arts, one was closed so we easily picked the other one. Very cheap considering the area and the place, but as most crepes are, but indeed tres tres tres bon! Had the galette and the sweet crepe apres.

I introduced two of my friends, Berthillon glaces today, the best ice cream in Paris. After another serious study in the library, our minds were boggling for some sweet, actually it was me, they were just the victims of my unsatisfied hunger. Hahaha. Can't get enough of French food.

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Elly + Yin said...

Looking fab, Mel! You are now35.890234% Parisian. It looks warmer now in PAris. Is it?