Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Le Marche

I walk passed Boulevard Saint-Germain on the way home everyday. My typical walk is from metro maubert-mutualite, after a dose of browsing through a few English bookshops most of them located around the 5th arrondissement. This afternoon was a specially cold one, il fait tres froid, and thinking about the un petit test I'll be having tomorrow didn't help much either. But as I was walking along, I found a few things that caught my eyes.

Rue de Cluny, the pink blossom in the middle of a grey sky is hopefully a metaphor for my present in Paris or vice-versa. Or maybe I'm thinking too deep.

Issey Miyake PLEATES PLEASE concept store at Rue de Luynes. He's always been an inspiration.

I've always wondered what is going on in those long forbidden passages, I passed them everyday.

J. Milcent Boulanger almond galette won 1st prize in 2006. At Rue du Bac. A local favourite.

Kartell store is a few walking distances to home and their furnitures and objects are pretty cool. Love their jelly shoes at the moment. It's no wonder that I have found some Kartell transparent chairs at the place where I live now.

My own hidden entrance.

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