Thursday, March 19, 2009

What you do when you take the wrong bus

You get yourself to Laduree and get a macaroon (or two) and wait for another bus at the opposite end of the street.


YinElly said...

Arrloooow my darling!I keep hearing people using 'darling' around the office, it kinda rubs on me after a while.

Just realized that there was actually somebody who left a comment on my photo....and YOU! too! Thanks for that my darling! huehuehue. It felt good to hear that from a PARIS! haha...take that comment #1!!

Anyways...when are you coming back? I'll organize a dinner or lunch at somewhere nice. And also, I need you to do me a teeny tiny flavour if thats ok. I wanted to get a necklace by a Parisian artist here in Melbourne by the name of Servanne Gaxotte, but the prize tag was absolutely hideous! So, could you maybe check for me how much they are there. The shop is at 154 rue Oberkampf 75011 PARIS. The necklace I wanted was the one with the silver girl that wears a cotton dress. They come in different themes based on Servanne's daughter's dream which she then made them into jewelleries.

If they are cheaper, then I will get it when I go there next time plus, there is another new place for you to check out! =)

Thanks my darling! =) xoxo ~ eLLy*

ParisBreakfasts said...

Taking the wrong bus in Paris is the way to go!