Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Le quotidien de la mode a Paris

DAINTY is the word to describe Paris Le quotidien de la mode (everyday fashion)

Instead of buying one of those Paris 'chic shopping guides' books or commentaries, I decided to make my own fashion guides and share them with you. Here are some of the shops around Paris that I think is cute, cool, feminine and worth more visits in the future. (I'm adding them as I go)

1. Kyrie Eleison at Rue Monsieur Le Prince, Saint-Germain 5eme
younger fashion orientated but the pieces are structured that they would appeal to older market as well with leather bracelets, denim skirts and simple coloured tops.

2. Rue de Picardie. I forgot the name! argh. They have an online blog shop as well. I liked the little lamp-posts at the top. Most Parisian boutiques are small and will most probably have a layered scarf around the neck of the mannequin.

3. Yesim Chambrey at 1 rue de l'Abbaye, near Passage de la Petite Boucherie
One of my favourite area, where you could find a picturesque dreamland in a very hidden area in Saint-Germain. Cocktail party wear in bubbly ruffles and beautiful detailing.

4. Audrey's is at the next rue after Rue des Rosiers, Marais Jewish quartier.
Small. Personal. Layery.
5. Le Depot-Vente de Buci, 4 Rue Bourbon Le Château, 6eme. Saint-Germain.
Expensive vintage and designer fashion but the display is fun. The green furry coat is so in fashion at the moment.
6. Diane Hameline at 68, Rue Vieille du Temple, Marais area
Rustic decor filled with artisan wedding gowns and formal wear

7. Binome, at 5 Rue Conde
Besides pearly silver jewelry and bracy rings, they carry layery silky tops and leather bags. I've notice most leather (real or not) bags are very $$$$ here, median price starts from 200E +++ in most shops. Zara is always a cheap alternative :)

8. Rue Fleurus near Alliance Francais centre has a few nice boutiques and artisan boulangeries I've noticed after walking up and down repeatedly sometimes twice a day. l'Oeuf and another white capsuly looking boutique is good to check out.

The one is called mobilier/mode/objet, which means furniture/fashion/objects or maybe I just missed the name of the boutique...anyway...it's very Melbourne artsy Brunswick-kinda place but cooler.

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