Sunday, March 29, 2009

:) Sunday at Marche rue Cler

A clock merchant selling what he claimed to be 'an artisan handmade clocks' at marche rue Cler.

Today the clock moves an hour faster in Paris, which meant I was late for the 11am Church service! I forgot about changing my watch the night before (silly me, I got too excited about my new books)

The American Church in Paris is in a very beautiful old church, with a high pointy dome at the top of its building visible from many hundred of metres especially when you are running late. Located on the strip of Quai d'Orsay, it faces the Seine and is covered with many Autumnal trees and grand buildings that don't seem too intimidating being on the seventh arr.

this image is from the architecture of the building is very beautiful. Very well-taken care of.

After church finished at about 1pm, I went ahead as planned to visit Marche rue Cler on the 7th basically a very near walking distance from the church. One of the only few open food markets on a Sunday, I thought it would be a nice stroll while grabbing a local sandwich for lunch.

Upon entering the market, I could feel the lively ambiance from the sounds of the street musician playing freely on his ancient instrument to the sounds of merchants selling last-minute bargains of 3.95euro per huge box of strawberries.

He tilted his head and smiled for the camera, thank you! I'll put some coins in your hat now...

The length of the market itself is actually very short, there were some cafes, two florists and speciality merchants selling cheese, charcuterie and small bakeries. When you exit from rue Cler everything else is closed and looks like a dead town (Paris is a dead city on Sundays) which is why families who live closeby gather up in markets like this.

Famille Mary Miel et Nature Family grown honey? since 1921. When I have enough money I will buy your expensive miel. For now I'll just take a photo and put it in my blog, who knows people who read this might visit you someday.

Bon Appetit everyone! Food-to-go in smaller stalls crowded the lane.

Funny, seventh is where most American expats live in Paris, especially young families and older tourists alike. So I kept hearing their slangs as I strolled the market. I love visiting food markets in different arrondissements in Paris, that way you really absorb their culture and day-to-day activities...well I hope so :)

Back a third time, I could not resist their breads, I got un sandwich d'omelette. The bread is amazingly crunchy and melty at the same time! I'm suffering from post-crunchy-french-bread irritating my gum.

Le Petit Cler has Berthillon ice-cream! yes the place is tres petit!

Ah yes the humble crepe stalls, what would we poor students do without you? a half opened nutella jar sits on the counter. A market in Paris is not complete without les crepes!

On my way back as I was walking on rue Bellechaise, I spotted this home decor shop with a very luxurious homey window display. Would you not want to lie down and end the Sunday on one of those...
Have a relaxing Sunday! and I hope my dad and brother who are in Singapore at the moment will have a good Sunday too...and I especially hope my dad is well.

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Elly + Yin said...

Emmelyn Oh Emmelyn .... where art thou oh my Emmelyn. hahaha* Yes... just wanted to say that... I mean... write that. Nothing is better than something that is totally random...especially when it's raining and you're stuck at home. I feel like borrowing "Midsummer Night's Dream" tomorrow ... the one with Michelle Pfeiffer?

OoohOhh!!.... guess what I found yesterday? Your lovely birthday card for me from 2 years ago!!! IT's so nice to look back at old gretting cards. I'll post it on my blog this week!

Love you and miss you!! CIAO BELLA~~