Friday, March 20, 2009

Rue Saint-Dominique

After a few dead ends of finding a cheap good bakeries around the seventh arrondissement, I finally strike a goal. Rue Saint-Dominique is a good 8 minutes walk from my street and it has lots of bakeries. I counted five not including Starbuck's and a small tres petite sandwich shop. One fromagerie and one or two brasseries. Phew, well that solves bread shopping.

No.1 Evelyne et Jean Marc Fouchard. Red-personal-makes you hungry

No. 2 One of their speciality is jams and their many varieties of jam filled tartin.

No.3 This seems like it has a fruitful past. Le Moulin de la Vierge

Besides mouth-watering cakes, they do have croissants and baguettes too.

No. 4 This one has won many prizes including best baguette in the year 1995...whoop whoop

No. 5 Mouth watering eclairs...this is too much!

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