Monday, March 30, 2009


Nothing exciting really happen today, other than I studied and did my French homework and some other exercises for four hours in the library with a friend apres la classe. On my way home I stopped at Monoprix at Rue de Rennes and shopped for a few daily food items, such as

Milk, Orange juice, Riz au lait Nature, and fiber biscuit with Fig and bran called Figue et Son. After reaching home and eating my biscuit with my yaourt, I had a thorough read at the back of the box. Apparently one in three French women suffers from intestinal problems...well that is 75% of women. Ahem*...if you know what I mean, the product called it la paresse intestinale, lazy intestinal. Ha-ha-ha. I am definitely not one in three French women suffering from 'lazy in and out'...I have a very smooth le transit every morning thank you very much from eating those fiber stuff two weeks in a row now!

Apologize for some of you eating while reading my blog. But this* has always been a fascinating topic for me. *healthy food, diet, vegetarian, etc etc...

I find most biscuit shelves in French supermarche are packed with these sort of products yet they don't have all the big labels on the box saying "Fibre-Diet-Healthy-Fat Free" unlike the products in Australia or in America. Everything seem to be very discreet, not obvious to the amateur eyes and presented in the most appealing ways so you are not embarrass when you get to the crowded counter at peak hour. I find the French here are very serious people, very reserved, they don't show the do I say gêné..My virtual dictionary described it as: uncomfortable, shy, akward, ashamed, ill at get my point?

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