Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Galerie Vivienne at Rue Etienne Marcel

Oh I love Galerie Vivienne, such beautiful arcade. Reminds me a lot of Melbourne, especially of Block Arcade. Now that I think about it, Melbourne does have many similarities to Paris, the alleyways, the little arcades and the Grecian decor inside the arcades. However I still have many days to explore Paris and its lovelies. On entering Galerie Vivienne, you will pass Place des Victoires, aside from the high-end boutiques along the circle, the whole ambience is really nice. Rustic gardens, cream bricks buildings (most buildings in Paris are creams actually)...But yeah I think the photos tells more stories than my writing...enjoy

p.s: Jean Paul Gaultier has a really awesome boutique inside G. Vivienne. Lucky *&^#^$*

This dress has some sort of shawls that ties the front, dreamy flowery patterns, in silk. Oh Jean!

A really cool object d'art shops combining everything from furnitures to found objects (a lot like Melbourne antique shops)

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