Friday, March 20, 2009

I Found My Domain in Paris

Today I sealed off a deal of a room in the (was never in my plan) 'prestigious' seventh arrondissement of Paris. It was never my intention to find a place there as it is way too bourgeoisie for my standard anyway. However I was getting desperate to move as the place where I am staying now, near Montparnasse belongs to a friend who will be back at the end of the month.

After two unsuccessful attempts of finding ma chambre dans un appartement I was getting very anxious. So instead of checking the room board twice a day, morning and lunch time, I decided to check again yesterday afternoon just before Alliance closed to see if there are any new ones. And voila! A room at metro Solferino. A quick glace at my Paris map, I found out that Solferino is just behind Musee d'Orsay on the 7th. No way, I looked again, it's true and I could not believe it. Grabbing my phone with 2.30euro credit left, I called the lady and arrange a meeting for the next morning at 10.40am.
I waited outside til the clock turns 10 35, I was there since 10 20 and it was very cold! I was told by a dear friend to come right on the spot and another friend to be as neat as possible.

I still could not believe it, and I know I probably should not have brag about it in here, but these things I presume does happen when you really believe it's possible (Thanks God!). The apartment with more than 3 bedroom is like a wealthy bohemian paradise, most of the children have left except for her teenage son. Her husband was an architect hence the eclectic decor/furnishing but for some reason I will soon find out, he no longer lives there. The living room is huge and surprisingly I have my own bathroom. I've always wanted to live in one of those eighteenth century Hausmannian buildings. Just outside my street to the left is Boulevard Saint-Germain on the way to my favorite hang out place and to the right is Eiffel tower within walking distance! My back is facing Musee d'Orsay within three minutes walk and within a short distance to the right bank

I'll definitely post more photos. I'm just thinking whether it's legal to post them.

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