Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Collette Dinnigan in Paris

Right...So I guess I should post a blog about my intern so far at Collette Dinnigan right? Well it has been an eye-opener and I sure did learn a WHOLE lot of new things!! My job description is to help assist her before the show which means doing:
basically everything from fitting models, selecting different garments for each looks, prepare the studio, unpack things, pack things, take photos of each looks, paste them onto boards, write stuff, and a whole of miniscule tasks that takes a lot of patience and quick wit thinking! The good thing and probably isn't good for my health is that I became her assistant basically for the show so I was in charge of the whole garments and everything that goes along for the actual fashion show at Hotel Saint James & Albany at rue de rivoli tomorrow at 2.30 pm. Bad thing is and I know I shouldn't complain...but there are just soooo many things that I have to be responsible of and I thought that I would be just sort of like watcher...an observer..instead of actually being in charge of everyttthinggg...I mean I am not being arrogant..but I don't know how Collette would cope if I wasn't there.. and since she only brought along her Sales Manager from Sydney, well basically she's all alone and the rest of the team in Sydney aren't doing a very good job. I heard her complaining for at least 30m on the phone about invitations and so on...Just makes me think..gosh Australians...up your antee please..! the laid-back attitude will not bring you up from down-unda. Even though I have heard first hand from her employess that she's difficult person...I mean she is one of the only two Australians designers to ever show in Paris. And she is very down-to-earth in a really aussy way, she does have her diva moments, oh yes of course but in all she treats me really well.

....she looks so old in pictures....but in real life she actually looks very young, and I was surprised to find out she's already 44! she looks about 35...good skin and lovely hair

Tonight I finished at 11pm...and spent the day basically on my feet, I'd probably did the equivalent of 3 miles of walking but I sort of did it in the studio..if you know what I mean. Well tomorrow is THE show and I just hope everything will be fine. After all..I am in CHARGE! wish me all the lucky stars!

Collette taking photos of each looks for her own...personal gratification..

at a different studio just for fittings and castings...at rue jean ferrandi, 6eme

I took hidden photos from my purse in corners....not suppose to do any before the actual show. Oops...oh well...

to be continued...

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