Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunny Lunch at Odeon

Hello Everyone.
I met my university friend today from Melbourne and we had lunch at Odeon in the 6th district of Paris which is still in the Saint-Germain area. She is doing a work placement with Ann Demeuleemeester, which is one of the THE THE coolest fashion designer in the fashion world, Antwerp based (should I say more).
On the way there, I passed some very interesting rues and delightfully I found San Francisco Books; an American bookshop that I planned to visit. Rue Gregoire de Tours is filled with multicultural brasseries, crepes and a Japanese restaurant all in one. Especially cute looking is the A la bonne crepe in sailor blue and white walls with cheap crepes starting from 3.5oe. Definitely a must-try next time to bring friends and family here. Today is probably one of the best days I've had in Paris, it was sunny, beautiful weather and I felt really confident today. I don't know why. And I also enrolled to Alliance Francais in the afternoon and had to do the enrollment test. nerver racking...I am between A1 and definitely a beginner trying to be an intermediate. Ha Ha Ha. But I am happy. As my mom said, One step at a Time.

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