Thursday, March 19, 2009

I fully endorse Biscuits de Mamelon ala Kristina

So have any of you heard of Biscuits de Mamelon? Well it is translated to Nipple Biscuits. I think it's such a great and original idea. The cookies are peanut butter based shaped like normal round cookies but topped with Hershey's kisses. How funny and tres joli don't you think? My cousin, Kristina with a K made it and after re-doing the batches and improving the texture, she finally achieved the perfect taste and suppleness. Not too wrinkly, crunchy and soft in the inside I'm sure.
Perfecting the recipe takes a lot of patience....and a lot of fun

Let's see, to order you have to be in America, best if you live in San Francisco. But when she is in Jakarta or Australia or when she is visiting me in Paris then I will inform any of you. Enjoy the visually appetizing photos.

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