Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tolix Chairs

Outdoor seating at Potato Head with the silver Tolix chairs, slighly different style than the ones I found at Marche Vernaison.

Found these little orange chairs at Marche Vernaison at Saint Quen and immediately took a snap of it. I was sure they were Tolix chairs, the chairs that my brother used for his restaurant Potato Head in Jakarta for the outdoor seating. After finding more images from google and to authenticate whether they were Tolix...I am sure they are. The patron selling them was saying all these things in French which I just replied 'qui qui...d'accord...' I did not understand a word and after all those explaining..he thinks I understand him...c'est bizarre!

at marche vernaison: the orange chairs were Tolix I'm sure of it.

Tolix AC chair designed by Xavier Pauchard (

A Slice of Reminder of Potato Head. Been awhile since I thought about that place. I miss it. Do check it out when you are in Jakarta, at Pacific Place Mall, Lobby level (021 5797 3322 for reservations).

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YinElly said...

LOL hahaha..... that's too funny! I could imagine your lost face while the man trying to explain the whole history. And STOP making us jealous with all the yummy food! I was too ashamed to snap a photo of my Hq muffin...thanks to you.