Monday, March 2, 2009

an update on MOI

The most striking difference between Paris and London. There are no Starbucks, Pret-A-Manger, and Zara on every corner in Paris. Less people and more alleyways. But both cities are lovely. London would be lovelier without so many people in the central I think...

Update on me:
I am looking and searching for language schools in Paris, so far the Alliance Francais is at the top list, Sorbonne is good as it is a Paris landmark but they start in June and I have to go back by then. Alliance has a 16 March start and for two months. But I am still deciding whether I should go on travelling around Europe or stay here. If I travel around, my savings would not be enough for language schools and living in Paris. I could still travel around and do all that once I'm settled here and have proper job. So again we have to see. Met my high school friend yesterday, and she said not to be hasty (good advice). She kinda did things hastily before and sort of did things in the rush of the moment, so better plan and make sure it's thought (and prayed) about. I am checking the Australian Embassy tomorrow to ask about visas. Oh I found a really good English Church yesterday called the St. Michael's Church, and funnily (well not really) it is located on the corner of Rue St Honore. How cool is that, a church in the most expensive so totally commercial street in Paris and the service was soooooooooooooo good. About friendship and facebook!!

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