Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some shops are funny

There are only a number of speciality shops in Paris selling just one or two specific items. Artisan shops that are century old or even older, just waiting for their owners to retire and closed. I hope this is not one of them. Just selling umbrellas with gloves and crochet-like cluches, it offers the most exquisite looking umbrellas with wooden animal heads, and lavish gloves made of soft rich leather in the most striking colours. Since I passed it everyday, I thought, why not take some photos, I am running out of stories at the moment. French class is taking most of my time and I hardly do my tour around Paris! ah time to re-organise my dear!

I was right, the shop was opened in 1834, meaning it is more than a century old! Good gracious! Previous president, Francois Mitterand used to buy his umbrella there! at 218 Blvd Saint-Germain.

Imagine wearing everything black, top to bottom, sleek, pointy boots with a hint of those gloves and those clutch! ah tres chic!


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Elly + Yin said...

Guy de Jean umbrellas! I have the purple owl and my sister has the black duck!! They are fantastic, Mel! You should get one yourself! Just imagine having one in your bag and have the cute little head coming out of it! Tres jolie! =) BTW, I've decided to go to Paris instead of Japan !!