Sunday, March 22, 2009

Marche Biologique Raspail

Marche Traditionelle, oh yes it is. These markets are the ones you don't find in the web , but you find in real life getting on with your daily life...yes finally I feel more at home.

One of the joy of being a new mouse in big city, is that you tend to find unexpected things while you're lost, can't seem to locate your whereabout in a map and is carrying a big load of stuf. Fortunately it is one of those joys where you find a good Sunday Market in the middle of it all. Authentic produce, affordable, a variety of selection from bread-cheese-jams-to pies and jams. At the end of it, you're all good for lunch, found the metro you're looking for and scored an ancient hot chocolate for the day. Located above Metro Rennes, at Blvd Raspail and Rue Rennes, Marche Biologique Raspail is heaven for the city dwellers on a Sunday, where practically everything from boulangeries, shops to grocery stores closed.

The more ancient, the better.

Upon exiting the market, I found a long line of people queing at one of the tart sellers, not knowing what he's offering, I joined in and waited for 20m while slowly drinking my chocolate chaud ancienne, after a closer look, I noticed the guy frying a paste made up of what looks like onions, flour and other tid bits. Thin, hardly filling I bet however people are still adding the line and ordering the galette as wells (tarts made up of mushrooms, pumpkins and sold out onions). Well after getting my own piece, I went out the market and had a small bite. Ah delicious, it's like a crispy onion pancake but sweet and savoury at the same time.

After ordering a galette, the guy will bake it on the grill so it's all warm and goood, the brown blackened round thin pancakey blop is what people are waiting for...funny these French people.

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