Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paris free samples...

Buying a sunscreen face lotion started with a few mix match hand body translation aka movements, pointing to the sun (ah soleil, yes I get it) then to my face (Qui, d'accord) then which one do I prefer? The 50 or 30 SPF? Ah 30, okay then Caudalie it is. Is it good? Of course, it's CAUDALIE. And voila! what else did I get...tons of free samples, let's see, moisturizing cream, night correcting cream, firming serum, matte finished fluid, tinted moisturizer for fair skin and for darker skin. Gosh I'm loving it. That's Paris fortunately, you get hundreds of free beauty cosmetic samples. No wonder no one hardly looks like they don't wear too much make up (scruffy looking I meant)

C'est naturale?

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Jackie said...

gd on u Em, promotion is always gd at crisis, a euro saved is a euro earned!