Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Le fashion show

Intense. Yes that would describe the moments at Collette Dinnigan show.


Jackie said...

i can imagine how busy you are Em, and u r definately giving ur v best. Praise the Lord Em, we owe to God all our deligence and efforts for it is in our work too that we worship Him. In whatever we do, we do it for Him, for it is fr Him that all things cometh. Remember that and u ll never be too tired, and as it is, that you reflect ur image as a true reformist. see you soon.

YinElly said...

Take one sample home with you! I like the black teeny tiny blazer with studs, pearls, sequins & all that jazz that I saw on TV today...Oh...and the black skirt that goes with it. =)

EMMELYN said...

Collette said she will send me a piece of clothing...cos I helped her SO MUCH! but u don't know lah all these designers say one thing and another...blah. But it was good experience.