Monday, March 16, 2009

San Francisco Book: A literary delight

As I've mentioned in the previous blog, upon discovering San Francisco Book bookshop, my heart was filled with happy thoughts, exciting nerves...only I had to experience it all myself. Yes I have learned to be secretively happy in Paris. Located on 17, Rue Monsieur le Prince (how cool is the name), this tiny rustic looking bookshop is a joy to visit. Selling a mix of second hand books, it has books stacked up to the ceiling and copies that are basically as old as your grandmas. But I love things like that, and even though I decided to visit Shakespeare and Co this morning, instead I found another book to get. Titled Paris To The Moon by Adam Gopnik, it tells the experience of his young family moving to Paris in the late 20th century or late 90s. A #1 national bestseller in America, I thought it should be a good read.

A good starting quote
"The only genuine pleasure I recall that he finds in this unsmiling and rainy universe is when he leaves the balloon outside a tempting-looking bakery and goes in to buy a cake. The insouciance with which he does it-cake as a right, not a pleasure-impressed me a lot (Adam G). A scowling gray universe relieved by pastry: This was my first impression of Paris, and of them all, it was not the farthest from the truth."

I can totally relate with Adam G. viewpoint that Paris can often be cold, insensitive place for a foreigner or even for Parisians but a single pastry can always brighten things up.

Look what I found parked infront of S. Fran! My favourite mini


Jackie said... that book fact or fiction! how dramatised..pls..for readsake is ok, but, life is not like that, dont tk it serious..wherever u r...i recall Paul said, to live is Christ, to die..a gain, cos He is always for us, therefore, come what may, say ur grace wt thanksgivings, cos there s no darkness arnd us anymore, all will work for good. Amin.

YinElly said... .I think you might like this.

So....I've been thinking....just a random thought....LETS OPEN A BOUTIQUE TOGETHER...anywhere...jkt, melb, paris, london...wherever!!! After working only just a few days at LMFF head office for the fashion week, I suddenly feel very business woman-ish. Karen Webster is such an amazing, inspirational woman. She makes me want to go further more into the business side of fashion. What do you think, baby cake?! Anyways, I seriously cannot wait to see you back in melbourne!! Can't wait for you to share your adventures!!